New Music Video!

Here's the story told by Dave behind our new video:

I've had a long roll of paper in my family for the last 30 years. Its the size of a tree trunk, 3.5 feet wide. It's just hung on the garage ceiling. It almost crushed/killed my brother when we tried to take it down. My dad had picked it up off the side of the road long ago. When my mom was selling her house in Decatur, she wanted it gone so I decided to hang it from my garage ceiling in Athens and perhaps I'd find a use for it. We did! At least for 92 feet of it. We built a machine to turn the paper using motors and pvc pipe and found a bunch of artists to draw on it. Then we used magnets to direct the puppets. I tagged everyone I could on Facebook but the full list is in the credits at the end of the video. Check out our new song America’s Open Roads: