Most days you can find Dave and Andrea working on the farm, but a couple times a year they like to use the space for music. Those that have been before can tell you it is a very unique experience. These events always sell out and tickets are limited to 140. Glass containers are not permitted. Bring a blanket, chair, good friends and enjoy! These events do require sunshine so if the weather is bad the show will be moved to a TBA indoor location, or tickets will be refunded. If you have any questions, please email us at

Previous events

Cicada Rhythm, Shoal Creek Stranglers, & Jim White play the Farm.

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Low Star Farm, 473 Old Commerce Extension, Athens

Jim White, a man who's lived many lives, a prolific songwriter, honed storyteller, folk artist, producer, a fierce friend, and flea market connoisseur will grace our stage first. Check out Jim's music here, but please know the live set is a meandering journey through his adventures delivered by a soul who appreciates an oral lineage.

The Shoal Creek Stranglers hold their ground solidly in roots crooning a set of folk music in range of relics from ‘Carter-scratch’ to full-on-electrified swamp-string music and beyond.

You already know Cicada Rhythm will be playing last as the sun dips behind us bathing us in golden hour. So come join us on our green for a beautiful spring night!

Doors at 5pm

Music starts at 6pm

Noise curfew/close is 10pm

Bring a blanket, chairs, kids under 16 are free! Athens own Rashe Crusine will be providing food, and Hendershots will be providing drinks. We encourage you to buy from our vendors to encourage them to be part of future events but feel free to bring a cooler for drinks, we request aluminum cans glass is not permitted.

Do NOT bring glass. Firearm prohibited, Parking is on the grass and carpooling is highly encouraged. A couple more announcements and information about the event will follow and tickets will be made available from our site soon. Detailed direction given upon receipt. Low Star farm in north Athens close to J&J Flea Market.

Cicada Rhythm, Haunted Shed, & Bichos Vivos

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)


Cicada Rhythm put on their 5th farm show with Bichos Vivos, and Haunted Shed. Doors at 5, haunted shed at 6, cicada rhythm at 7, Bichos Vivos at 8pm

BICHOS VIVOS - Rooted in the Brazilian northeast region, Forró is party music driven by the accordion, triangle, Zabumba (big traditional drum), rounded out by guitar, bass, percussion, and vocals. The closest equivalent here in the US is Zydeco with its infectious and highly danceable rhythms. These are deeply soulful songs that also make people swing their hips and dance through the night.

HAUNTED SHED - Fronted by lifelong musician and songwriter Etienne de Rocher, Haunted Shed sometimes sounds like it evolved from the West Coast’s lineage of late 20th century indie rock. Other times it sounds like there is a new genre happening here, right before our ears: something that unravels familiar sounds from the past to weave into brand new patterns and shapes.